Do you wake up every morning feeling like you have been hit by a truck?

Do you suffer from any of the following?

brain fog, joint pains
weight gain, sluggishness
migraines, moodiness
You may be suffering from Feel Like Crap Syndrome, but there's only ONE way to know! Take my simple, 3 minute questionnaire to discover if you have FLC Syndrome and how you can start feeling better in just a few short days

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What is "Feel Like Crap" Syndrome?

In this Video you will learn what Feel Like Crap syndrome is and why it's important to know the signs and what you can do to start getting better. 

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Who is Andrew Nam

I suffered a traumatic automotive accident which fractured my neck, bent my spine and dislocated my knees at an early age of 18 which cascaded to chronic degenerative arthritis, IBS, weight gain and chronic fatigue over the years. After suffering from "Feel Like Crap" Syndrome for over 20 years with doctors and specialists telling me to live with it and that there was nothing that they can do, I was fed up living half a life and decided to start my own journey to heal my body.  My journey over the last 6 years learning from the best scientists, doctors and functional nutritionists, reading research on functional and cellular health and nutrition have finally healed my own body, inspiring me to help others heal theirs to live a life full of longevity, vitality, and freedom free of pain and drugs.

Functional Nutrition Consultant, Certified Nutrition Coach, Personal trainer and Life Coach


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