Hey There

My name is Andrew.

I'd like to tell you a little about me.

A horrific car accident that happened during my senior year in high school forever changed how I see and live life. 

The accident left me with lacerations to my face, severed part of my ear, fractured the 3rd Vertebrae of my neck, broke my collar bone, dislocated my knees, bent my spine sideways and caused multiple internal injuries.

After I recovered from the internal injuries, cuts and bruises, I went back to see my orthopedic surgeon, and I still remember, to this day, what he told me.

He said that, due to the extensive damage to my vertebrae, back and knees,

I will absolutely, undoubtedly, have degenerative arthritis by the time I hit 30, and I will have the body of a 70 year old even though I am only in my 30’s.

This doctor changed my life because it sped up my life goals, where most people have 20-40 years to achieve their goals, I believed that I only have 10 years.

This led me on a journey to work harder than everyone else, where most people can barely work 80% I worked 1000%. This led us to build multiple businesses but at the expense of my health, fulfilling my Orthopedic surgeon's prophecy. 

By my mid 30's, the pain in my neck, shoulders, back and knees got so bad  I needed to take prescription strength Vicodin, just to roll out of bed. 

Nutrition is my Specialty

I reaccessed my life and got focused on Fitness and Nutrition. In the last 10 years, I researched and breathed anything that had to do with Fitness and nutrition, learning from the best  doctors and scientists in the field.

In this journey not only was I able to cure the symptoms of my degenerative Arthritis, I am now in the best shape of my life in my 40's stronger than I ever was in my 20's. 

I would like to share with you what I learned that not only helped me but countless other people.

While everyone has their niche in life, mine happens now to be fitness. Actually, if I had to dial that in even further, nutrition is pretty much my specialty.

But there's a problem.

If there's a topic in this world that causes more confusion, I'm not familiar with it.

Sadly, my field of study is crowded with myths and flat out lies that leave most people shrugging their shoulders and doing nothing; paralyzed by conflicting advice and a LOT of bad science.

Misinformation overload!

I see it every day. All around me. Even among family and friends.

People with wildly misguided notions trapping them in a downward spiral of terrible eating patterns, unavoidable weight gain and excuses that they are too old, or their bodies are too broken.

As it turns out, there's a fairly straightforward way out of this cycle.

It's called coaching.

I wouldn't be here speaking with you today if it were not for having the right coaches showing me the way.

So, Why am I telling you all this?

Because it ties in very closely with one of my HUGE pet peeves as well as a way I can help you reach your goals far more quickly than you can ever imagine.

And I'll prove it.

Pet Peeve Alert

You see, most people go through life in a series of repetitive behaviors. Never really aware of the choices they made. Simply going through each day, each meal in fact without really thinking about it in any way.

Just doing things out of habit, because that's what's comfortable, what is easy.

Of course, these habits may be destroying their health but they do them anyway.

This NEVER made sense to me!

It's my job to make you aware of those bad patterns, to help you break those habits and provide new, healthy choices to take their place.

All with proven systems with a long history of success.

I am a  PN Level one Nutrition Coach. I am part of the most successful weight management program in the world! 

Click here if you want to learn more about Nutrition and Fitness or if you realize that finding a properly trained coach is where you need to start. This will be your first step to make the health changes you thought were impossible.

Committed to your Health,

Coach Andrew

[email protected]

I truly believe, that unless coached, people never reach their maximum capabilities.

--Bob Nardelli

CEO Home Depot

Ready for a change? Let's do it together!

Get in Shape. Live a healthy life. Be the person you know you can be.


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