We created the Foco Academy because we believe in taking responsibility of our own lives – our health, our relationships, our businesses and career, and our well-being.

At Foco Academy, we are dedicated to give you the tools and education that you need to TRANSFORM all aspects of your life and BREAKTHROUGH your limitations, so that you can sustain a successful, balanced, fun and fulfilling life.

The world needs YOU – and we are here to help you become the BEST VERSION OF YOU.


Love What you Live and Live What You Love

Do you wake up every morning feeling like you have been hit by a truck?

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Nutrition and Lifestyle

The Power of Functional Nutrition

Why do some people seem to never age and live beautiful, healthy and strong lives while other's don't? 

The Power of Optimal health and how you too can achieve it.Learn why everyone is most likely lacking optimal nutrition and how that can affect not only your health but how you age.

Learn the ideal balance between optimal nutrition and the right exercises specifically for you to age gracefully and live with Longevity

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Personal Empowerment

You are meant to do great things.

What is holding you back from having everything that you want in LIFE?

Discover your limiting beliefs, eliminate self-doubt and remove self-sabotage.

Strengthen your mindset, boost your confidence and resilience, achieve high performance in your business and career, and enjoy an intimate, loving relationship.

It is all POSSIBLE. But first you must BELIEVE.

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Phoenix Collaboration

We believe it is never too late to recreate yourself.

We formed the Phoenix Collaboration because there are amazing people out there who can help you achieve your dreams and goals.

The COLLABORATION is a network of affiliates that we trust and recommend to you.

These dedicated professionals and companies have products and services that will ACCELERATE your SUCCESS in life.

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The One Product that Changed my life with my Chronic Degenerative Arthritis

Whether you are an athlete, lead an active lifestyle or just getting older.The deterioration of bone and joint health is a common issue. Procosa®  provides your body with the building blocks for healthy joint support.

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